Our Core Values


Coaching needs to be, first and foremost, SAFE. While all of our sessions are conducted online or by phone, we still want to make sure that when you're in session, you are safe. That means that you are in a place where you can speak openly, where you are free from  violence and noise, and where you feel understood and listened to. When at all possible, we want you to be in a room alone where you can be physically relaxed and comfortable and completely focused on you.


Compassion is so germane to everything we do, and coaching cannot work without it. Compassion for others, and compassion for self, are central to how we work. Any progress made in the coaching environment is predicated on caring and compassionate consideration of ourselves and others.


I've worked in the corporate environment long enough to know that flinging around phrases like KPIs and metrics makes people feel more confident. But in private coaching sessions, results are equally important.If you want better relationships, a better job, a better career, or any and all of the above, then you need to be able to reflect on what progress looks like, and when and how you will recognize it. That's why any coaching work we do will be about goals and how  to achieve them. After all is said and done, I want you be able to SEE results in your life. 

Communicate Better


Decide Better


Live Better